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“SURVIVOR: Worlds Apart” Episode 8: Sweet Nothings

9-13 - Copy SURVIVOR Buffs, this week’s episode  included  dead-on impersonations, masterfully-made Idols, epic obstacle course fails, and avian murder, and it was still dull.  They even threw in Snickers, but I  wasn’t satisfied. [Continue reading]

“SURVIVOR: Worlds Apart” Episode 7: True Colors Shining Through


SURVIVOR contestants often mislead each other, for various reasons. SURVIVOR Buffs, we've seen players pretend to not be as rich as they really are, fake flirt to get another's Immunity Idol, and even act like a living relative has died to gain … [Continue reading]

“SURVIVOR: Worlds Apart” Episode 6: The Sting of Defeat


SURVIVOR Buffs, I'm traveling in Germany right now, but I wanted to touch base with a recap of the latest episode. Fortunately, the episode proved to be one worth the effort. … [Continue reading]

“SURVIVOR: Worlds Apart” Episode 5: Battle of (Nit)Wits


Smart people rarely declare their own intelligence. Have you noticed that, SURVIVOR Buffs? They just are smart, and their actions or other people broadcast how smart they are. No, the people who brag about how smart they are (or how they have the … [Continue reading]

“SURVIVOR: Worlds Apart” Episode 4: Double the Displeasure, Half the Fun


From time to time, SURVIVOR Buffs, we get 2 episodes of SURVIVOR in one night, usually due to scheduling issues.  And when this week's double episode Wednesday was announced, I thought, "Double the fun!"  With three Tribes to start and the potential … [Continue reading]

Tom Rowland: The Advantages of Using UV Buff Products While Fishing

BUFF Testimonial-Tom Rowland Saltwater Experience

Tom Rowland of Saltwater Experience was the first professional fishing guide to swear by Buff Headwear as a critical piece of gear for protecting your skin from harmful UV rays, and so much more. His collaborations with us in developing a line … [Continue reading]

“SURVIVOR: Worlds Apart” Episode 3: Counseling Sessions


SURVIVOR is, at its core, a social experiment and game.  Your survival in the game depends on getting people to not vote for you.  Yes, the camp stuff is important, but it'll get done and nobody is actually going to starve.  Yes, the challenges are … [Continue reading]

“SURVIVOR: Worlds Apart” Episode 2: Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow


Ah, Week 2 of SURVIVOR.  Introductions are over, the first challenge and Tribal Council and eviction are done, and interpersonal relationships are solidifying.  Unfortunately for some contestants, and fortunately for us SURVIVOR Buffs, this is also … [Continue reading]

“SURVIVOR: Worlds Apart” Episode 1: Not-So-Hot Under The Collar(s)


“18 (or 20) strangers, 39 days, one....Survivor!” Jeff Probst has screamed this line now 30 times – 2 times per year (or TV season) since the summer of 2000. For many of us, SURVIVOR Buffs, our relationship with this show is longer than most all our … [Continue reading]

Outdoor Foundation Impact Story: Camp Colton

Camp Colton

We are so proud to support the ongoing efforts of the Outdoor Foundation! Below is just one of the many happy stories they have to share as a result of their hard work & dedication in connecting our nation's youth with the outdoors: Thanks to … [Continue reading]

Announcing our 12 Days of Buff (2014) Winners!


We are excited to announce the winners of our 12 Days of Buff 2014 promotion! Day 1, 12/11: Original Buff® –> Sung Q: What is something about your history or "roots" that you're most proud of? I’m proud of my Korean culinary roots – … [Continue reading]