UltraRunning Magazine Interviews Joe Grant & Anton Krupicka

August 28, 2015Joe Grant & Anton Krupicka sat down to talk with UltraRunning Magazine in the BUFF® booth at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2015. Listen in, as...Read More

Preview the UTMB® Course with Joe Grant & Inov-8®

August 27, 2015Photo by Jeff Browning Get a feel for the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB®) course, through the eyes of BUFF® Ambassador, Joe Grant, in this great...Read More

Bib Rave Pros Review the UV Half Buff®

August 25, 2015Photo above, courtesy of the Runny Legs blog We've been having some fun getting feedback from the Bib Rave Pros, who've been out this summer testing...Read More

Scenes from the Pacific Crest Trail

August 20, 2015Ever wondered what it might be like to hike (or run) along the Pacific Crest Trail? We figured plenty of our friends out there had, and thought it...Read More

Bib Rave Pros Show Us How To Wear UV Half Buff

August 19, 2015Mash up above, courtesy of @heatherruns13.1 via Instagram This past month, the Bib Rave Pro community has been testing out the UV Half Buff for us!...Read More

Anton Krupicka Shares His Ultra Marathon Training Tactics

July 31, 2015Source: Huffington Post Video...Read More

Mother & Daughter Hike the John Muir Trail

July 22, 2015So many people dream of doing the John Muir Trail, but Tanya Clarke and her 16 year old daughter Mary actually made it happen! Kudos to this...Read More

One Second Per Day Along the Pacific Crest Trail

July 21, 2015Enjoy one second of every day hiked by Halfway Anywhere along the Pacific Crest Trail in this incredible 3:16 min video. Be sure to read and see...Read More

Ultrarunner Joe Grant Talks About UV Insect Shield® BUFF®

June 6, 2015Ultrarunner, and BUFF® Athlete, Joe Grant, discusses the features and benefits of UV Insect Shield® BUFF® headwear with Backpacker Magazine, and why...Read More

Brandon Card Discusses Skin Care With BUFF® Products

May 26, 2015BUFF® ambassador and Bassmaster Elite, Brandon Card, discusses his favorite products for protecting his skin while out in the elements....Read More

“SURVIVOR: Worlds Apart” Finale: Unbuttoning the Collars

May 22, 2015It was a season with some highs and a lot of lows, SURVIVOR Buffs, with long stretches where nothing that exciting happened.   However, the last few...Read More

Joe Grant on Training for the Western States Endurance Run

May 20, 2015  We recently connected with Buff Ambassador, and Ultra Runner, Joe Grant to find out how he's training for the upcoming Western States...Read More

SURVIVOR: Worlds Apart” Episode 12: Taking Advantage

May 18, 2015SURVIVOR is a game. And like any other game, try as you may to “level the playing field,” some players are always going to have things that help do...Read More

“SURVIVOR: Worlds Apart” Episode 11: Mama Will Provide

May 11, 2015SURVIVOR features many archetypical characters. There are “villains,” “providers,” “underdogs,” “snakes,” “vixens,” and so many more types of players...Read More

“SURVIVOR: Worlds Apart” Episode 10: Tribe Bluffs

May 2, 2015It's been a season of truth-telling, SURVIVOR Buffs. This week's episode continued that trend, but also featured a lot of lying. Players lied to their...Read More

“SURVIVOR: Worlds Apart” Episode 9: Bidding, Wars

April 25, 2015I get it, SURVIVOR Buffs. The game is really difficult. Contestants are hungry, uncomfortable, tired, wet, dirty, and a million other unpleasant...Read More

“SURVIVOR: Worlds Apart” Episode 8: Sweet Nothings

April 16, 2015 SURVIVOR Buffs, this week's episode  included  dead-on impersonations, masterfully-made Idols, epic obstacle course fails, and avian murder, and it...Read More

“SURVIVOR: Worlds Apart” Video: Toby’s Tribal #1

April 15, 2015In the first 'Toby's Tribal,' I reveal how I think the rest of the season will go...while sporting some of the season's looks....Read More

“SURVIVOR: Worlds Apart” Episode 7: True Colors Shining Through

April 9, 2015SURVIVOR contestants often mislead each other, for various reasons. SURVIVOR Buffs, we've seen players pretend to not be as rich as they really are,...Read More

“SURVIVOR: Worlds Apart” Episode 6: The Sting of Defeat

April 6, 2015SURVIVOR Buffs, I'm traveling in Germany right now, but I wanted to touch base with a recap of the latest episode. Fortunately, the episode proved to...Read More

“SURVIVOR: Worlds Apart” Episode 5: Battle of (Nit)Wits

March 29, 2015Smart people rarely declare their own intelligence. Have you noticed that, SURVIVOR Buffs? They just are smart, and their actions or other people...Read More

“SURVIVOR: Worlds Apart” Episode 4: Double the Displeasure, Half the Fun

March 20, 2015From time to time, SURVIVOR Buffs, we get 2 episodes of SURVIVOR in one night, usually due to scheduling issues.  And when this week's double episode...Read More

Tom Rowland: The Advantages of Using UV Buff Products While Fishing

March 18, 2015Tom Rowland of Saltwater Experience was the first professional fishing guide to swear by Buff Headwear as a critical piece of gear for protecting your...Read More

“SURVIVOR: Worlds Apart” Episode 3: Counseling Sessions

March 15, 2015SURVIVOR is, at its core, a social experiment and game.  Your survival in the game depends on getting people to not vote for you.  Yes, the camp stuff...Read More

“SURVIVOR: Worlds Apart” Episode 2: Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow

March 6, 2015Ah, Week 2 of SURVIVOR.  Introductions are over, the first challenge and Tribal Council and eviction are done, and interpersonal relationships...Read More

“SURVIVOR: Worlds Apart” Episode 1: Not-So-Hot Under The Collar(s)

February 28, 2015“18 (or 20) strangers, 39 days, one....Survivor!” Jeff Probst has screamed this line now 30 times – 2 times per year (or TV season) since the summer...Read More

Outdoor Foundation Impact Story: Camp Colton

February 12, 2015We are so proud to support the ongoing efforts of the Outdoor Foundation! Below is just one of the many happy stories they have to share as a...Read More

“SURVIVOR: San Juan Del Sur” Finale: Twinner!

December 22, 2014I will never leave you. I will never go away.                                                                              -- "I Will Never Leave...Read More

Tony Krupicka Recaps UTMB 2014, and What Motivates Him to Run

December 16, 2014Listen as Tony Krupicka describes his experience at UTMB 2014, and talks about why he runs, and what motivates him to keep running....Read More

“Survivor: San Juan Del Sur” Ep. 13: Blind Faith, A Blind Eye, and A Blindside

December 13, 2014  You should be loved by someone who knows you, Wants you to blossom, always is true                                                      ...Read More

Ott DeFoe’s Essential Gear for Winter Fishing

December 8, 2014Pro angler Ott DeFoe has advice on essential gear he uses to get outside & enjoy winter fishing: Wintertime fishing can be extremely productive,...Read More

Tech Feature Friday: Spotlight on Windstopper

December 5, 2014The summer suns are nearly passed and thus the winter snows are not far behind. So we can put away the swim trunks, the barbecues and the sunglasses...Read More

“Survivor: San Juan Del Sur” Ep. 11: Two Bad

December 5, 2014With a little persuasion / How happy we'll be When one plus one equals three  -- "One Plus One Equals Three" from the musical SIDE SHOW The...Read More

“Survivor: San Juan Del Sur” Ep. 10: Thanks for Nothing

November 27, 2014  You will learn the promise of salvation/ Can mask another inferno's blast  -- "The Devil You Know," from the musical SIDE SHOW This...Read More

Field & Stream’s 30 Favorite Gift Ideas for Fishermen

November 26, 2014Field & Stream has published a great list of their favorite gift ideas for fishermen. Wouldn't you LOVE to have any of the items land in your...Read More

Buff Headbands Worthy Goods to Show Yourself Some Kindness

November 20, 2014Buff USA's headbands do more than keep your hair out of your face. These sweat-wicking, UV-protective wraps come in a dazzling range of prints and...Read More

“Survivor: San Juan Del Sur” Ep. 9: De-Feet

November 20, 2014Never trusted good times or success... -- "New Years Day," from the musical SIDE SHOW There we go, SURVIVOR Buffs! That's how SURVIVOR is played!...Read More

“Survivor: San Juan Del Sur” Ep. 8: Not The Hilton

November 14, 2014Should we cement this arrangement/ Now that it's tested and tried? -- "By Your Side," from the musical SIDE SHOW Funny thing, alliances. On the...Read More

“Survivor: San Juan Del Sur” Ep. 7: Trail Mix of Tears

November 6, 2014We're a pair remarkably mated / We can't bear to be separated. -- "We Share Everything," from the musical SIDE SHOW SURVIVOR is not government;...Read More

“Survivor: San Juan Del Sur” Ep. 6: Pre-Merge Maneuvers

October 30, 2014The future should be clear tonight/ I think we're getting more than we bargained for. -- "More Than We Bargained For," from the musical SIDE...Read More

2014 Fishing Recap

October 30, 2014The 2014 open water fishing season is winding down, but I had a great season! I met some very talented walleye pros, learned unfamiliar techniques,...Read More

“Survivor: San Juan Del Sur” Ep. 5 Recap: Wins of the Father

October 23, 2014"...I am trying to help you! / Your blatant behavior embarasses me/ If you could see you, from my perspective/  You wouldn't like what you were...Read More

Outside Magazine: The Little Things Are Important

October 21, 2014The November issue of Outside Magazine is on stands now. Be sure to check it out for great features that include this roundup of the little things...Read More

“Survivor: San Juan Del Sur” Ep. 4 Recap: King of Wishful Thinking

October 17, 2014"Though we can't agree on a single response, we want what everyone wants." -- "Like Everyone Else," from the musical SIDE SHOW Well, SURVIVOR...Read More

Wool Buff® Receives Prestigious Backpacker Editors Choice Award

October 14, 2014We are proud to announce that our Wool Buff assortment has been awarded the prestigious Backpacker Editors Choice Award for winter...Read More

“Survivor: San Juan del Sur” Ep. 3 Recap: Kill The Beast!

October 11, 2014Nobody wants us.  No one ever has. No one ever will -- "Buddy Kissed Me" from the musical SIDE SHOW Analyzing this season's third episode of...Read More

Fly Rod & Reel: Conquering the Cold

October 8, 2014Be sure to check out the October issue of Fly Rod & Reel Magazine for great articles to take you into the fall & winter seasons, including...Read More

Outside Online: Has Any Goofy Gear Gone Mainstream?

October 7, 2014Sure, Buff Headwear may seem goofy at first blush...but take it from Polar Explorer, Eric Larson...it's anything but! Be sure to check out the full...Read More

Angling Trade Magazine: The At “20”, Best New Products for 2015

October 6, 2014Check out the October issue of Angling Trade Magazine, for the buzz on all things fishing, including this article, "AT 20: The Best New Products for...Read More