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“SURVIVOR: WORLDS APART” Episode 1: Not-So-Hot Under The Collar(s)

105141_d01346b596“18 (or 20) strangers, 39 days, one….Survivor!” Jeff Probst has screamed this line now 30 times – 2 times per year (or TV season) since the summer of 2000. For many of us, SURVIVOR Buffs, our relationship with this show is longer than most all our relationships with people. And like personal relationships, the parties need to change to evolve. So, we’ve started seasons with two tribes, and with three – and sometimes with four. Usually tribes are preselected, but sometimes they are formed by the players on Day One. Burnett & Probst, et al have created seemingly random tribes, but have also divided players by age, gender, and – in a particularly ill-conceived move – race. Old players, new players, loved ones, fans, favorites – SURVIVOR Buffs, we’ve seen it all. So, for this milestone season, this final entry in the first 15 years of this landmark show, SURVIVOR has changed it up again, with “SURVIVOR: Worlds Apart – Brains vs Brawn vs Beauty, I mean, White Collar vs Blue Collar vs No Collar…” [Continue reading]

Outdoor Foundation Impact Story: Camp Colton

Camp Colton

We are so proud to support the ongoing efforts of the Outdoor Foundation! Below is just one of the many happy stories they have to share as a result of their hard work & dedication in connecting our nation's youth with the outdoors: Thanks to … [Continue reading]

Announcing our 12 Days of Buff (2014) Winners!


We are excited to announce the winners of our 12 Days of Buff 2014 promotion! Day 1, 12/11: Original Buff® –> Sung Q: What is something about your history or "roots" that you're most proud of? I’m proud of my Korean culinary roots – … [Continue reading]

“SURVIVOR: San Juan Del Sur” Finale: Twinner!


I will never leave you. I will never go away.                                                                              -- "I Will Never Leave You," from the musical SIDE SHOW In any "Blood Vs Water" season of SURVIVOR, the theme of "family" … [Continue reading]

12 Days of Buff® 2014-Day 12: Enter to Win Our Grand Prize

12 Days of Buff 2014-Day 12

Our 12 Days of Buff 2014 Grand Prize package is a good one folks... We've partnered with our friends at Farm 2 Feet, Deuter USA, and Vermont Smoke & Cure to bring you a prize package worth just over $580.00! Are you ready??? Here are … [Continue reading]

12 Days of Buff®-Day 11: Enter to Win a Buff® Urban Infinity Scarf

12 Days of Buff 2014-Day 11

For those who enjoy a little luxury when they're not outside getting sweaty or dirty, our Urban Buff® collection is luxe, warm, and stylish! We thought it might be the perfect star at the top of our 12 days of Buff tree (tomorrow's grand prize will … [Continue reading]

12 Days of Buff®-Day 10: Enter to Win a Reversible Polar Buff®

12 Days of Buff 2014-Day 10

To combat harsh winter weather, the versatile Reversible Polar Buff® is a must. It looks like an Original Buff® on one side, but on the other you’ll find a layer of super-soft fleece. The extra layer of insulation minimizes heat loss, so you can stay … [Continue reading]

12 Days of Buff®-Day 9: Enter to Win a Cotton Jacquard Buff® Infinity Scarf

12 Days of Buff 2014-Day 9

Know someone who always makes getting outside more fun? Or maybe it’s someone you don’t know who’s stories remind you to get out and enjoy nature? To enter to win an Cotton Jacquard Buff® Infinity Scarf, we want to know: Who Inspires You to Get … [Continue reading]

12 Days of Buff®-Day 8: Enter to Win a Polar Buff®

12 Days of Buff 2014-Day 8

With so many fun colors and patterns to choose from, it can be hard to choose just one style of Buff® Headwear,  but with Polar Buff®, we've upped the anti with 9 bonus inches of Polartec® Microfleece™.  In addition to keeping you warm in even the … [Continue reading]

12 Days of Buff®-Day 7: Enter to Win a Dog Buff®

12 Days of Buff 2014-Day 7

It's hard not to talk about our dogs...because they have a way of making us so happy! For that reason, we're keeping this one simple by giving you a safe house where you can overshare without anyone complaining! To enter to win a Dog Buff®, we … [Continue reading]

Tony Krupicka Recaps UTMB 2014, and What Motivates Him to Run

Tony Krupicka UTMB 2014

Listen as Tony Krupicka describes his experience at UTMB 2014, and talks about why he runs, and what motivates him to keep running. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QAOm8RhpA6o … [Continue reading]