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“Survivor: San Juan Del Sur” Ep. 5 Recap: Wins of the Father

Survivor29-Episode 5 Recap-Twitter

“…I am trying to help you! / Your blatant behavior embarasses me/

If you could see you, from my perspective/  You wouldn’t like what you were shown….”

– “Leave Me Alone,” from the musical SIDE SHOW

104954_d27757bI have mixed feelings about the Tribe Swap that SURVIVOR has employed for many seasons now. It sometimes seems unfair to me that good long-term strategists could be totally screwed only a few weeks into the game because of the arbitrary whims of Mark Burnett et al. But, on the other hand, being able to adapt is a trait that a winner should have, and there is a certain evil joy I get from watching someone who is getting too comfortable suddenly scrambling to stay in the game. Although I think 4 weeks is usually too soon, a Tribe Swap can infuse a season with energy, keeping contestants and audience members guessing about what’s to come. And in this 5th episode of “Blood Vs Water 2,” SURVIVOR Buffs, the added element of loved ones made the Tribe Swap even more exciting and (literally) game-changing. As always, some contestants’ fortunes were improved by the Swap, while others were suddenly screwed. [Continue reading]

Outside Magazine: The Little Things Are Important

Outside-Magazine November Issue featuring Buff Headwear

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“Survivor: San Juan Del Sur” Ep. 4 Recap: King of Wishful Thinking

Toby's Survivor Ep 4 Recap Preview Image for Twitter

"Though we can't agree on a single response, we want what everyone wants." -- "Like Everyone Else," from the musical SIDE SHOW Well, SURVIVOR Buffs, at least nobody can claim that there aren't any game players this season. Oh. no, quite the … [Continue reading]

Wool Buff® Receives Prestigious Backpacker Editors Choice Award


We are proud to announce that our Wool Buff assortment has been awarded the prestigious Backpacker Editors Choice Award for winter 2014! The Backpacker Editors Choice Award is regarded as the most sought-after media award for equipment and apparel … [Continue reading]

“Survivor: San Juan del Sur” Ep. 3 Recap: Kill The Beast!


Nobody wants us.  No one ever has. No one ever will -- "Buddy Kissed Me" from the musical SIDE SHOW Analyzing this season's third episode of SURVIVOR has proven to be kind of difficult, SURVIVOR Buffs. I don't know when I've been more conflicted … [Continue reading]

Fly Rod & Reel: Conquering the Cold

Fly Rod & Reel Autumn Issue Featuring Reversible Buff

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Outside Online: Has Any Goofy Gear Gone Mainstream?

Outside Online: Goofy Gear Gone Mainstream ft Erik Larsen

Sure, Buff Headwear may seem goofy at first blush...but take it from Polar Explorer, Eric Larson...it's anything but! Be sure to check out the full article by Outside Magazine, on "Goofy Gear Gone Mainstream", to see what other handy gear you may … [Continue reading]

Angling Trade Magazine: The At “20”, Best New Products for 2015

Angling Trade Article Featuring Buff Fishing Gloves

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“Survivor: San Juan Del Sur” Ep. 2 Recap: Face Time


"Feelings aren't for display/ You would shout what you should never say..."    -- "Feelings You've Got To Hide" from the musical SIDESHOW To play SURVIVOR well, you have to have a good "game face." Unlike a "poker face," which basically turns you … [Continue reading]

Tech Feature Friday: Spotlight on Chic

The Buff Chic Collection

Okay, you caught us! Fashion isn't necessarily a "tech" feature, but for those who enjoy a little luxury on and off the slopes, our new Buff Chic styles are the perfect marriage of fashion and function. If you're equally at home in stiletto heels … [Continue reading]

“Survivor: San Juan Del Sur” Ep. 1 Recap: Third Time’s the Charm?

Toby's Survivor Recap, Season 29, Episode 1

You're one half of a couple. That's how you are defined. -- "Private Conversation" from the musical SIDESHOW For sixteen seasons, the show BIG BROTHER has wrapped itself in familiarity: the same “house,” the same order of events, the same … [Continue reading]