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2014 SRAM Gold Rusch Tour- 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo With Rebecca Rusch

As the first stop on the 2014 SRAM Gold Rusch Tour schedule, three lucky high school female athletes joined Rebecca Rusch on a 4-person team. The Gold Rusch Tour covered travel, pit crew, food, and athletes were treated like queens while get a taste of being a pro-mountain biker. Team Rusch raced alongside Chloe Woodruff and Todd Well and their Arizona based high school teams.

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The SRAM Gold Rusch Tour was designed by Rebecca Rusch to get women of all ages outdoors and on their bicycles. The tour features seven unique events with the goal of increasing women’s participation in mountain biking and cycling by offering fun, social, and non-intimidating venues that educate and empower.

“SURVIVOR: CAGAYAN” Ep. 8: Off-Balance


I'm going to make the horse drink the water. Contestants on the game of SURVIVOR are constantly balancing themselves, maneuvering fine, wobbly lines between actions that will help them advance and behavior that will lead to their ouster. And … [Continue reading]

Tech Feature Friday: Using 3M Reflective to Stay Visible & Safe at Night


If you're working out in the dark, or at dusk, staying visible is critical to your safety when you're in areas with car traffic. And just wearing white won't cut it! This video from 3M is a great illustration of how using reflective technology … [Continue reading]

Sport Series Water Gloves in Action: Kayak Surfing

Sport Series Water Gloves in Action

Shout out to Avid Max Outfitters who turned us on to this great video shared by one of their customers, and illustrating our Sport Series Water Gloves in action! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6oT2uUJADg8 If you like this one, be sure to check … [Continue reading]

ActionHub.com Reviews Wool Buff Headwear

Action Hub Review

To read ActionHub.com's full review of Wool Buff Headwear, click on the image below. … [Continue reading]

Essential Buff Styles for Fishing, Spring 2014

Buff Fishing Spring 2014

Spring is here, and with it, a new chance to get out for fresh air and enjoy what you love best...FISHING! We've been busy coming up with some new technologies, and of course are continuing with some old standbys to help you get out on the water. … [Continue reading]

“SURVIVOR: CAGAYAN” Ep. 7: Desperate, But Equal


“...On the brink of ecstasy and devastation all the time...” At the beginning of this 28th season of our show, my fellow SURVIVOR Buffs, the question was asked, “Which is more important to the game: beauty, brawn, or brains? Since then, one tribe … [Continue reading]

Calico Bassin’ with Captain Wade


What an awesome way to start the week! If you're already in need of a quick escape from the work day, check out this great video sent our way from Captain Wade. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sw24xesLJFE … [Continue reading]

“SURVIVOR: CAGAYAN” Ep. 6: Reading is Fundamental


That's what I'm talking about, SURVIVOR Buffs! That's how you do a merge! The commercials for the latest episode of this exciting season teased us with an upcoming merge and the promise of a person caught between two tribes. And without saying it … [Continue reading]

Tech Feature Friday: What is Microfiber & How Does it Work?

Microfiber: What is it & how does it work?

Microfiber is, basically, a synthetic fabric made up of (yep, you guessed it) tiny fibers. You may recognize the term "microfiber", because it's used in many athletic products for its great wicking capabilities...but do you really know how it … [Continue reading]

Keeping Up With Rebecca Rusch: Spring & Summer 2014 Schedule


It’s a new cycling season, and Buff Athlete, Rebecca Rush, has a ton of  exciting stuff planned! On top of racing around the world, She's also hosting several SRAM Gold Rusch Tour women’s events, year #2 of Rebecca’s Private Idaho, AND there is a … [Continue reading]