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Brandon Card Discusses Skin Care With BUFF® Products

BUFF® ambassador and Bassmaster Elite, Brandon Card, discusses his favorite products for protecting his skin while out in the elements.

“SURVIVOR: Worlds Apart” Finale: Unbuttoning the Collars


It was a season with some highs and a lot of lows, SURVIVOR Buffs, with long stretches where nothing that exciting happened.   However, the last few episodes proved interesting, and the game really could be won by a number of people as we embark on … [Continue reading]

Joe Grant on Training for the Western States Endurance Run

Joe Grant Training for Western States Endurance Run

We recently connected with Buff Ambassador, and Ultra Runner, Joe Grant to find out how he's training for the upcoming Western States Endurance Run. Here's what he had to say... Q1: What’s your training like? Do you train with set goals per day or … [Continue reading]

SURVIVOR: Worlds Apart” Episode 12: Taking Advantage


SURVIVOR is a game. And like any other game, try as you may to “level the playing field,” some players are always going to have things that help do better than others. Whether it's not facing the sun or having the wind at your back or your team … [Continue reading]

“SURVIVOR: Worlds Apart” Episode 11: Mama Will Provide


SURVIVOR features many archetypical characters. There are “villains,” “providers,” “underdogs,” “snakes,” “vixens,” and so many more types of players that we see over and over. One of the most interesting to me, SURVIVOR Buffs, are the … [Continue reading]

“SURVIVOR: Worlds Apart” Episode 10: Tribe Bluffs


It's been a season of truth-telling, SURVIVOR Buffs. This week's episode continued that trend, but also featured a lot of lying. Players lied to their allies, to their foes, and, saddest of all, to themselves. … [Continue reading]

“SURVIVOR: Worlds Apart” Episode 9: Bidding, Wars


I get it, SURVIVOR Buffs. The game is really difficult. Contestants are hungry, uncomfortable, tired, wet, dirty, and a million other unpleasant things. Add to that a million dollar prize, and it's a recipe for all sorts of paranoia, temper tantrums, … [Continue reading]

“SURVIVOR: Worlds Apart” Episode 8: Sweet Nothings

9-4 - Copy

 SURVIVOR Buffs, this week's episode  included  dead-on impersonations, masterfully-made Idols, epic obstacle course fails, and avian murder, and it was still dull.  They even threw in Snickers, but I  wasn't satisfied. … [Continue reading]

“SURVIVOR: Worlds Apart” Episode 7: True Colors Shining Through


SURVIVOR contestants often mislead each other, for various reasons. SURVIVOR Buffs, we've seen players pretend to not be as rich as they really are, fake flirt to get another's Immunity Idol, and even act like a living relative has died to gain … [Continue reading]

“SURVIVOR: Worlds Apart” Episode 6: The Sting of Defeat


SURVIVOR Buffs, I'm traveling in Germany right now, but I wanted to touch base with a recap of the latest episode. Fortunately, the episode proved to be one worth the effort. … [Continue reading]

“SURVIVOR: Worlds Apart” Episode 5: Battle of (Nit)Wits


Smart people rarely declare their own intelligence. Have you noticed that, SURVIVOR Buffs? They just are smart, and their actions or other people broadcast how smart they are. No, the people who brag about how smart they are (or how they have the … [Continue reading]