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Tea and the Javelina Jundred

Tea and Catra

Getting ready to start the Javelina Jundred I knew Tea was trained. She had put in the time, running 4-5 mornings a week before school (around 30 minutes) and long runs on the weekend including doing the Pemberton loop (the race course) twice. The girl knew where she was at on every inch of that trail. She knew what it felt like to run a “fast” loop while still hiking every hill. She knew what it felt like to run the loop in 95 degrees, and … [Read more...]

Race Report: Cascade Crest Classic 100 mile Endurance Run

Seth Redden at the Cascade Crest Classic 100 mile Endurance Run

The Cascade Crest Classic 100 mile Endurance Run was something that I had been mostly ignoring for the past couple of months. I registered for this race last spring with the anticipation that our summer trip would allow me ample training time. I was wrong. The summer adventure of homelessness left me significantly busier than I had imagined. Between crewing and travelling to crew other runners, travelling from Colorado to Wyoming, Montana, … [Read more...]

The Next Stage in Our Journey

The Redden Family

This is the start of our fifth and final week in the Silverton area. We have done a lot of exploring, running, hiking, playing, camping, getting kicked out of camping spots, sleeping the van, finding new camping spots, and generally having an awesome time. Here are some of our highlights so far. Hiking When we first arrived in Colorado, we wanted to start off with a bang. We headed straight for a trailhead area called Silver Creek, which is … [Read more...]

A Guide to your Epic Adventure

Sometimes you Bonk on an Adventure

So our crazy homeless summer is well under way! Along with the normal road tripping craziness of traveling with kids we also have also been thrown into adventuring with way too many children. It’s hard enough to keep yourself happy climbing a high peak or running for hours on crazy terrain. Try keeping five little people happy! Through our trials and errors hopefully we can help you be saved from mistakes we have made! These are the keys … [Read more...]