Season on the Edge

Fishing. Food. Drink. Friends. Adventure. Yes, please!

Season on the EdgeBut what if you can’t get out to have your own wild fishing adventures? Maybe you’re house-bound under 10 feet of unforgiving winter snow. Or worse yet — maybe you’re stuck behind a desk 8 hours a day (on a good day).

Enter Season on the Edge®, an NBC Sports channel exclusive hosted by our friend Ken Baldwin. In the upcoming 2-part Amazon episodes you’ll see Ken making some epic — and unusual — catches deep off the beaten path. You’ll also see him rocking his Buff®, which comes in mighty handy when you’re waist deep in the Amazon.

Get your recorders ready. The Amazon Part 1 episode airs on NBC Sports this Tuesday, February 28 at 1:30pm Eastern/10:30am Pacific and then again Saturday, March 3 at 7:30am Eastern/4:30am Pacific. Part two airs two weeks later.

“In every episode we fish, we travel, we hang out with people that are pretty cool if not a little crazy. We invite ourselves into their best drinking establishments, food places, barbecue joints and Honky-Tonks. We fish some more, talk a lot of trash, walk the edge if it helps us catch big fish, walk the extreme edge if it helps us catch bigger fish. We explore the culture of each location especially if it means more good food and drink, sometimes we even find good music (the chances of that increase if we’re talking Blues or Country). We wrap it all up by fishing some more. Let’s just say every show is a heck of an adventure.”

-Ken Baldwin